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Fuel Savings


Verified by Waste Industries


"At the conclusion of the test (approximately five  Months) the MPG changes were between 5% and 8% for all vehicles. This represents a substantial savings. In addition to the fuel savings, which were easily substantiated  by comparing our in-house fuel records, there were other positive results. Many of our drivers reported increased power and performance and reduced particulate emissions (smoke). As the  test proceeded it was amusing to watch long lines form at the treated fueling station. I could tell that the drivers were talking to each other and sharing information. It was apparent that something positive was happening."

-Jerome Jones, Fleet service manager


“Before we started using this product, I was cleaning one of my truck’s DPF filter every 3 weeks. I have been using the additive for 8 months now and have not had to clean the DPF filter.” 

Mike Ochs, Owner

Ochs Oil Company


"Since using Clean Diesel additives, we were cleaning our DPF filters every 4 to 6 weeks. Now with using the additive we are getting 6 to 7 months between cleaning."

Pat Best

Superior Ready Mix





 “15% drop in fuel consumption fleet-wide since we started using this product, no DPF related problems.  Drivers appreciate the fact that the 30-45 minute down time for a regeneration is significantly reduced.”

Todd Sikkenga, President

Now Delivery Service


“We are in our 40th year of business and run all over the country. We average 3.5 million miles a year and have recently started using Clean Diesel fuel tabs. We now experience less re-gens, face pluggings, manual re-gens and down time on the highway.”

Tory Rust

Vice President, Rust & Sons Trucking

rust and sons.png

“We have been using the additive for over two years and have achieved an 87% reduction in diesel particulate matter in our exhaust and experiencing over 20% in fuel savings. We never fuel our ships without this product.”
Javier Lewels, SDG Port Engineer
Hornblower Cruises




“ Our regenerations are way down and the drivers have said the smell is gone from the cab from the DPF filter. Trucks are performing better and the fuel use has dropped 10% so far after just 8 weeks.”

Roger Thelen,

Michigan State University, Refuse Trucks


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